10 Tips for Job Seekers in Dubai

Assalam wa alaikum!

Many job seekers visit Dubai in search of better opportunities.

I am sharing some tips below which may be of help to Mumineen job seekers, especially those seeking mid to entry level positions in local trading companies.

10 Tips for Job Seekers in Dubai

1) The correct month

Usually, September to May (except December) are the best months for job hunting in Dubai.

Avoid June, July, August, and December as key decision makers are on vacation. Avoid Ramadan-al-Moazzam. During Moharrum-ul-Haram and important Miqaats, many Mumineen businessmen are travelling so you may wish to avoid those days as well.

If you are seeking a position in a trading company, it may be a good idea to avoid fair time periods such as Canton Fair (3rd and 4th week in April/October). Hundreds of Mumineen businessmen from UAE will be travelling during this time.

2) Duration of Stay

One month is usually NOT enough to get a job. Try to arrive on an extendable visa so you can increase your stay if required.

3) It is illegal to work on a visit visa!

Do not work when you arrive on a visit or tourist visa! Some traders will ask you to work in order to see your performance. Some may be genuine but others may be using you as a temporary replacement and will let you go as soon as their employee returns from vacation. At that point, you will have neither a job nor the time to look for one. And remember, it is illegal in both cases.

4) Medical Test

If you have had a serious infectious disease such as TB in the past, you may not be approved for a UAE work permit and residence visa even if an employment visa is issued. You will be sent back after your medical test, so don’t waste your time and money.

UAE government currently screens for HIV (Aids), Tuberculosis, and Hepatitis B.

5) Use the correct resources

There are some genuine UAE based job search websites you should use. A list can be provided upon request.

Avoid recruitment agencies that charge for registration. They are likely to be scams.

6) Not easy to change jobs

It is not easy to switch jobs in Dubai due to sponsorship rules. So take a long term view about success. Look at the company and its reputation rather than just the salary you are offered. Be willing to start small and work yourself to the top.

7) Improve your skills BEFORE arriving

Certain skills such as basic computing, emailing, MS office, etc are important for everyone in any job. It will be cheaper to take those courses in India or Pakistan. So enroll in some proper courses back home with a genuine desire to learn. Enroll for an English course as well if you are not proficient enough.

8) Contact employers in advance

Activate your network of friends, family and acquaintances BEFORE you arrive. Do your homework back home. Pre-planning will save you valuable time and will allow you to begin an active job search in Dubai from day one. As soon as you arrive, focus on the job search with full energy. Many job seekers take a relaxed approach in the beginning and end up calling people frantically a few days before their visa is about to expire. Don’t waste a single day!

9) The expected salary question

The economy definitely seems more upbeat now compared to a few years ago. But there are many more job hunters in the market and the cost of living is rising.

Understand what your skills are and put a value to yourself. Many employees will ask for expected salary. Don’t base your expected salary on what you NEED to live a good life. Base it on the realities of the labour market in UAE. This means that you need to take some time to understand the job market in Dubai and more importantly, do a self evaluation of yourself. If you state too low, it could reduce your perceived worth to a potential employer but if you state too high, your CV won’t even be considered for an interview.

10) Attested documents

When you land a job, your new employer will need attested documents and certificates to apply for your visa. The attestation process can take up to 4-6 weeks and more. If you are sure you want to work in Dubai and are confident of landing a job here, then have your documents attested before arriving for the job search.

May Allah (TA) grant both Maulas (TUS) a long and healthy life Ta Qayamat (Ameen)

Abde Syedna (TUS)

Huzaifa Halai

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      1. Assalamu Alaikum Brother,
        Many thanks for sharing ur views.
        Is it possible for u to provide list of genuine job provider consultancies

  1. There are some genuine UAE based job search websites you should use. A list can be provided upon request.

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