A Career in Healthcare Without A Medical Degree: Check These Out


Of late, healthcare industry has been quite successful in enticing candidates to try their fortune and get into a profession that is doing a major chunk for the community and people. However, the idea of serving the healthcare industry often goes down the drain after seeing the amount of hassles and efforts one has to go through, just to secure a medical degree.

But, times have changes my friend!

If you have dreams to work in the healthcare industry without trying your hands at the fat ridged medical books and enduring long lasting lectures about diseases and cures, here’s the deal!

Mentioned below are 5 such jobs that ensure a bright career in the industry without requiring any medical degree

  • Being an Administrator for Health Services

Being one of the most sought after jobs, securing the job of a health administrator will enable you to work in a hospital or healthcare setting. With increased number of hospitals going for electronic health records, being an administrator is something that just might turn out to be one of the most lucrative jobs in this sector. The reason being quite clear, implementing new software and keeping a track of it requires skilled professionals who can work in compliance with the changing policies.

  • Being A Dental Assistant

With Dentistry becoming a highly prominent field amongst job seekers, who’re even willing to dedicate years of study to be in the profession, there are many lucrative job avenues in the field. One such profile to consider is that of a Dental Assistant, who functions to help a dentist with numerous patients in a zillion different ways. Being a Dental Assistant you’ll be required to be thorough with various tasks like those pertaining to patients comfort before different procedures, teaching them about dental hygiene, equipment used for sterilizing and keeping a track ofappointments.

  • Being a Medical Perfusionist

A Perfusionist is a major helping hand during cardiovascular surgeries. He is responsible for temporarily controlling the patient’s blood circulation and ensuring that the respiratory system is functioning properly through optimal use of bypass machines and other equipment. Although, no medical degree is required to be a perfusionist, but it sure does require a bachelor’s or some specialization in biology or anatomy for entrance into a perfusion program.

  • Being a Home Health Aide

Having been crucial to the healthcare industry since ever, the demand of a Home Health Aide has considerably increased in the past few years. As the number of elderly increase, there’s an increasing need for health aides who can help them in daily chores and needs, to support their independent lifestyle.

Being a job that doesn’t require any specific level of education, a major chunk of your training will happen during the job. Generally, this job profile doesn’t even require a high school degree, but gaining certifications would definitely help you secure better job offers in the industry.

  • Being a Dispensing Optician

You must have seen a number of eye patients getting medical help while getting their lenses on. Here arrives the need of a Dispensing Optician. Typically, a dispensing optician has a high-school diploma and some pertinent experience for having worked in the field for quite a time. It may include briefing along the technical lines, along with an insight of various sales and office management techniques.

Though the ides of working in the field sounds a bit tedious, but if sought with a proper drill in head, it can be equally lucrative. So, without further ado, get going. There’s plenty in store that you need to explore!


Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedIn.

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