The Best Engineering firms in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular places for tourists as well as for those who wish to work at a place where the employment opportunities are available in plenty. Being the financial and trade centre for the Middle East, Dubai has made its mark in various sectors by providing the best products and services, which also include various kinds of engineering services.

Dubai has various kinds of employment opportunities for Engineers from different streams. With oil and petroleum being the leading sector for employment opportunities, here are some of the Top notch Companies recruiting Engineers in Dubai

The Emirates National Oil Company



Else known as ENOC, this is one of the Top Companies recruiting Engineers in Dubai. This is a government owned company which provides various kinds of services under the Oil and Gas sector. The 1993 established largest company in the Emirates, has made tremendous contributions to the growth of the economy by its business ventures. It is one of the prime reasons behind the growth of Dubai in its own way. This is a company that is always trying to find ways and means in order to ensure, that they live up to the quality that has been committed to their customers. They are also known for their prompt delivery without compromising in any form.


Dubai Dry-docks


This facility is stationed in the Persian Gulf of Dubai, adjacent to Port Rashid and is one of the biggest dry dock facility that can be found in the UAE. Established in the year 1983-Dubai dry-docks was formed with the prime reason to repair various kinds of vessels. Be it a new recruit or even the current employees, the training department of the company makes it a point to organize external as well as internal training for people working at all the levels. There are also special training modules developed to familiarize the employees in the company with different kinds of equipment as well as the latest practices and techniques followed.

Since 1994, they have also ventured into the production of ships and have completed more than 70 such projects successfully. In addition to this, the company has the largest floating crane that one can possibly find in the Middle East.  A person working in this company is exposed to a totally new world however; he/she also gets acquainted with various opportunities that are waiting in store for him/her.

Dubai Aluminum Company Ltd.

When we are talking about companies that require engineers, another name that comes to our mind is The Dubai Aluminum Company. Established in the year 1975, this is a company that caters to the needs and requirements of Aerospace, Electronics, Transportation, Building construction and automotive sectors. In terms of operation, it is a subsidiary of MDC Industry Holding Company. This company provides various kinds of aluminous smelting services and is also known for providing the best quality of extrusion billet and aluminum.


The Dubai based company also provides its employees with customized training services that are beneficial in every sphere. Along with a good pay package, there are various other perks and fringe benefits given to the employees.

The best future for engineers

Considering the various employment opportunities that Dubai holds in the Engineering Sector, it stands as one of the best places for engineers. There is a huge availability of various jobs that cater to different needs of people. Employees who are presently working here, undergo extensive training based on the company’s requirements, which makes it a perfect opportunity for a person to have hands-on experience and learn various work ethics followed in an organization. However, they will also get to know the different methods and techniques practiced at work, which increases work efficacy along with providing a strong foundation for their entire future.

The Oil, Petroleum and the Gas sectors provide various kinds of services and products that are exported globally. This is one of the main reasons why, there is a strong emphasis given to ensure that the training received by the employees is of a particular standard. Each and every minute detail is taken into consideration to ensure that the candidate is not just qualified for the job, but is also well trained.  

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    1. truly Dubai is the land of opportunities & those with good qualifications, experience and luck can increase their opportunities multi-fold.

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