Diamonds, Gemstones & Gold Hunt around the World.

The Photo was taken in Mozambique, Myself with Gold and Diamond Miners.
The Photo was taken in Mozambique, Myself with Gold and Diamond Miners.


Everyone in the world are fascinated by Gemstones and Diamonds. Earth has enough Gemstones for everyone. Hunting of these (Gold, gemstones, diamonds) are not easy task, you may get lucky sometime.

Gemstones are categorised in two Main Category:

  1. Precious
    1. Ruby
    2. Emerald
    3. Sapphire
  2. Semi precious
    1. Tourmaline
    2. Aquamarine
    3. Garnets etc.

My passion for Gemstones, Diamonds & Gold take me to every corner around the world to explore Mother Earth. The main aim is to deliver these stones directly from Mines to Market. I have seen treated and duplicate stones in the people’s ring and Jewellery. Most of the time people get cheated due to ignorance about the stones.

With blessing from Aqa Moula, I have started publishing natural stones from Mines to Market. I see immense scope in the field as i have access to all the stone and Mines around the world. which is followed by in house cutting and polishing unit. Finished product can be seen online for purchase with Originality Certificate from reputed Laboratory.

Finished Water Melon Tourmaline

As the project is on initial basis. we shall require Jewellery Designers, Marketing people, CAD designers, Fabricators, Gold Smiths, etc. We are dominating in Ruby, Emeralds, Sapphire and Precious stones around the world.

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  1. Interesting great to know the people like you their to make us aware about such a beautiful things are present in this world. All the best

  2. Hello dear. I am very happy to see your up coming graph and your dedication to your work. May God bless you all success in your field.

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