Curriculum Vitaé, CV, Résumé, or Bio. What’s The Difference?

Well there’s no difference. But then again, they are completely different. Er, confusing? Well, they all refer to a document that contains:

  1. Your Educational qualifications to show what you’ve been trained to be good at.
  2. Work experience to show what skills you are good at.
  3. Achievements to show how well you used 1 and 2 above, to give results beneficial to the employer.

On the basis of this document, you may get called for an interview and get employed by an organization that finds your skills will benefit the organization to fulfill its objectives of doing business in a better manner.

Now, what is different about these documents? Well it is the region/ area/ country in which to be used. Each region/ country has evolved its own unique career document due to several factors,  some of which are:

  1. Whether developed or developing country.
  2. Maturity of the economy, business and work environment.
  3. The recruitment process followed by recruiters in agencies and within organizations.

In the USA/ Canada, a 1 page Résumé is the norm, because the market is a highly developed and matured one. All processes are quite standardized across the market and also across sectors. There is no need to write in detail. Also, the recruitment process is quite straightforward. Whereas in some regions like the Middle East, where processes are still evolving, it is better to have a more detailed 2 page or even 3 page CV. More so, because there are skilled professionals traveling to these regions from across the world for work, whereas in the USA/ Canada, you more often than not have people applying for work within the country itself, who have gone through some level of education there.

A Bio is mostly written by people in creative professions, and/ or by those with a good command over the language in which it is to be written. If you aren’t well versed in writing in a particular language, it should not be attempted. A Bio is written mostly in the first person in the form of a story. However, nowadays, many people also write a Bio in the third person.

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