Smarter Ways to Choose A Successful Career

Making a successful career is the easiest in today’s times. I would say there are smarter ways to choose a successful career – which people don’t think about much.  During my corporate training’s as a Motivational Speaker, a lot of smart youngsters confess to me often- ‘Akash! I worked so hard to be here; but now I realize- this is just not what I wanted’. I feel sad about this and the age old principle of career choosing gets re-affirmed in my mind- ‘there is nothing so useless as doing efficiently; which should not be done at all’.

Most youth thinks that obtaining admission in Engineering school / B-School etc. is the passport to an excellent career. It is – when you make the right choices 1) before joining, 2) during studying and 3) after you pass out from these places. As a career counsellor, I have always tried to help people make better career decisions. My own journey gives me a lot of perspective. I come from a family of doctors who wanted me to become a doctor too! (Thank God for saving all those patients!). I wanted to join the Indian Air Force (emotional reasons- because my name is Akash & I don’t remember, from where I got to believe then, that women love Air Force Pilots more than doctors).

Closely seeing the careers of many; I have found that a career should be chosen on the basis of two aspects:-

  • Your hidden Music &
  • The right instrument for that music.

Your ‘Music’ is something which you are very good at. It is your deepest craving to do that particular thing ahead of many others. Your ‘Music’ is something which connects all the dots of your growing up years. It is something which is deep. Your ‘Music’ is what you wish to express to the world and your ‘instrument’ is ‘how you express’.

Most people base their career decisions on just the other part -‘Instrument’. Saying that I want to be a doctor, a lawyer, an MBA, an IAS is calling the names of the ‘instruments’. This is wrong, as the instrument is merely the outer shell. Your own music playing on a wrong choice of an instrument will lead to only noise. This is the root cause of all our career anxieties.

I would say, you need to do the following to ensure proper sync between your music and your instrument:

  1. The world is changing. Your careers should too. Do not just depend on past data to enter into great careers. Also observe the upcoming trends and the ways in which you can tap into them. The best careers of 2025 aren’t even born yet. You need to be futuristic too.
  2. Get off the roads that don’t go through your heart. You may be confused for a while but it will bring you clarity. Your close ones may think you are crazy but don’t give up.
  3. Yes you may make a few bad decisions. But if you do not lose focus and do not let too many cooks spoil the broth, soon you will be making intelligent decisions out of the lessons from your mistakes.
  4. Let money not be the biggest suction point while taking career decisions or you may end up playing pretty dumb games. Be guided by satisfaction & fulfillment. Money has to come- the way a mother-in-law comes in the package deal, when you decide to get married. But you do not get married for mother-in-law. Do you?

You have to walk with your career for the rest of your life. Please be smart about it.

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Akash Gautam
Akash Gautam

Akash Gautam is one of the top Career Counselors and Motivational Speakers in India, Dubai and UAE. He has over 17 years of experience with corporate houses and has trained the students of some of the best institutes in India. His style is uniquely known for humor, sarcasm and lots of contemporary examples. To know more about him, please visit his website.

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  1. Choosing your career is the most important decision pf your life because one bad decision can ruin your life. So you need to take proper counseling to know what you are made for and what is your talent which needs to be converted into your career.

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