Women: Rise High with Exciting Dubai careers just for you

Not only Dubai but almost the entire Middle East is known to possess a male dominant culture where men are supposed to be the bread earners and women to stay back at home. However, this conception is gradually changing as more and more women in this region are earning a living.

Business People Conversing at a ConferenceDubai is the most popular city in the Middle East not only in terms of infrastructure and commerciality but also in terms of women who goes to work. This trend of women empowerment is aimed towards bridging the huge gap between the number of employed men and women in the country.

An important reason behind this sudden emphasis on increasing the number of jobs for women in Dubai is the arrival of working women from other countries in several work roles which are usually associated with men. There are a number of different industries that offer a number of jobs for women in the city of Dubai.

Let’s take a look at some of the prominent ones.

Education Jobs

The most prevalent in terms of jobs for women is the education industry. There are a number of teaching jobs available for women in several schools and colleges in Dubai. They can work as lead teacher or head teacher and also as a teacher of a particular subject. There are also job vacancies for teaching in nursery schools and women are mostly preferred for these roles.

Another job profile for women associated with teaching is that of a teaching assistant. Women are also offered leadership roles in schools and colleges in Dubai such as school principaland deputy head of the school.

Apart from these, there are a number of job vacancies in schools for admin or clerical jobs as well such as front office and admission personnel.

Sales Jobs

The sales industry in Dubai also provides a vast variety of job opportunities for women. The most prominent job providers in this field are stores that sell women’s clothing. The different work roles available for women in this field include sales executive, sales associate, sales representative and sales coordinator.

Apart from clothing stores, women also get jobs as sales executives in the real estate field. Women in Dubai are also eligible to apply for high profile sales jobs such as sales manager.


Healthcare and Nursing Jobs

Another prominent industry for women in terms of jobs in Dubai is the healthcare and nursing industry. After the education industry, this is one field that offers a number of different jobs to women in the city.

One of the most common jobs in the healthcare industry for women is that of a midwife who takes care of pregnancy and birth issues. There is also a demand for obstetricians and gynecologists and women are preferred for these jobs most of the time.

There are also a number of vacancies for the work role of nurse in hospitals and healthcare centers. Nurses may also be required for schools and colleges.

Jobs are also available for women as receptionists and front office staff in different types of healthcare units.

Secretarial Jobs

Women are also preferred in most secretarial jobs that are available across different industries in Dubai. These include jobs of secretary and personal assistant in corporate business houses, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and oil and gas companies among others.

Other Fields
Apart from the fields of higher prominence mentioned above, there are a number of other fields that offer jobs for women in Dubai. One among these fields is the beauty and personal care industry. The job of hair stylist in salons across the city is the most common job type available for women in this industry.

There are number of jobs for women in the hospitality industry as well. The work roles for women in this industry may range from receptionist to hotel administrator.

The travel and tourism industry in Dubai also provides a number of jobs to women such as travel consultant and admin executive to name a few.

Gradually, the women in Dubai are also starting to occupy important positions in the management and administration of corporate business houses, financial groups and government agencies. Marketing and development manager, finance director, investment advisor, receptionist,  relationship manager and operations manager are some of the positions where you can find female employees as well.

Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and providing equal job opportunities to women will only boost its progress. It will also help in reducing the huge gender imbalance that still exists within their society.


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